Still Family Friendly

A child’s toy wheel from the Thirties and a marble found in 2020 in the side yard of a classic Highland Park home. This home has been continuously occupied since 1928, and it has raised three excellent families in succession. That’s typical for a Highland Park house.

“Welcome Home!” to the next 100 years.

A century ago, the developers of Highland Park platted our neighborhood above the smoke and soot of the city. They set aside green space, and saved the oldest trees. The first property owners in Highland Park built “castles of [their] dreams”, and those castles entwined with the good fortune of Hamilton as only gracious homes do. In 2019, Highland Park neighbors remember Highland Park’s 100 successful years. We remember to take pride in our past, to encourage the appreciation and preservation of our historic houses, and to carry the ideals of Highland Park into the next 100 years.

–Dave Duricy

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